An application for engineering project estimation & material tracking

Estimation, Procurement, Dispatches, Inventory, Invoicing, Change Control Management . . .

An Application For

Project Estimation,Improving Operational Efficiency,Material Handling,Sustain Business Growth,Continuous Monitoring,Change Control Management,Extended Control,Improving Efficiency,Streamline Business Processes

METS improves visibility of asset utilization, streamlines efficiency and responsiveness

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Replace the mess of SPREADSHEETS, EMAILS & WHITEBOARDS with a simple & best online Software for everyone to collaborate.


Secure &
  • User Authorizations.
  • Record All Changes.
  • Inbuilt Approval Process.
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  • Web Based.
  • Inter-net / Intra-net.
  • Context Sensitive Help.
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    Admin Panel
  • Restrict User Access.
  • User Approval Limits.
  • System Customization.
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    Work Breakdown
  • Task-SubTask Segregation.
  • Accurate & Readable.
  • Extends Monitoring & Control.
  • Customizability

    - Reports
    - Screens
    - Approval Process

    Data Import Export

    - Import BoQ from Excel
    - Export Data to Excel
    - Save Reports as .pdf, .doc, .xls . . .

    User Friendly

    - Intuitive Screens
    - User Specific Preferences
    - Email Notifications


    - Drill Down to Transaction
    - Projects-Tasks & SubTasks Level
    - Overall Organization


    - Cost of ownership
    - IT knowledge
    - Down Time

    Flexible Data Handling

    - User Inbox
    - Attachments(.pdf, .dwg, .dwx, .jpg, .doc)
    - User Signatures for Approvals

    Why Choose METS?
    Application with all the right tools and information.

    METS is the Best Application for Project Estimation and Material Tracking. A true web-based application built and optimized for MEP contractors by people who know the business. From collaboration to accountability, METS is the most comprehensive material management solution for MEP Projects.

    Delegate with Authorization

    METS's integral systems for extended validations and approval of various business processes, augments the capability to "Delegate with Authorization" yet retain control and monitoring of the projects.

    Reliable and Accurate Decisions

    METS's tools to perform on-demand analysis and its effeciency to get project status and deviations reports etc., all assists the team in taking prompt, reliable and accurate decisions.

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    Best Suited For

    Prominent Challenges for HVAC projects are controlling Scope of Work, minimize deviations/variance and delegation of authority. METS is the best way to accurately estimate, has robust change control management, delegate authority with limitations and best tool for continuous monitor tracking to take accurate action based on “quantitative analysis”.

    Clean Room Projects

    Meticulous Estimation, not just Item Quantities and Prices but also includes individual item custom specifications and make. Tracking Changes to specification, accountability and collaboration with concern persons have a major impact on successful delivery of the project. METS is the right tools, it has option to provide up to 2000 characters custom specification for each item and on top of it, METS “Change Control Management” maintains history of changes and accountability of each and every item.

    Electrical Projects

    Electrical Project estimating and tracking is unforgiving, compared to other construction activities. Dealing with a plethora of products and labor rates, accuracy in estimating and later tracking during execution are very tedious and time consuming. One has to note that appropriate Work-Breakdown-Structure of projects plays a very vital role not only during estimation but also during execution phase for Control and Monitoring. METS can help meet these challenges and retain sustainable growth.

    Plumbing Projects

    Plumbers estimation is based on the time spent on the job, as well as the materials used, so keeping accurate accounts of both is critical for effective estimating and billing. METS provides high-level estimates across multiple divisions, it allows for accurate measurements and descriptions of projects even when more detailed drill-down of the plumbing work is required.

    Fire Safety

    “Through Assessment” is the mantra for Fire and Safety Projects. Even relatively small overlook may cause major disruption. In extreme cases, where final costs have turned out to be several times higher than originally estimated. Scopes and Limitation, Process Monitoring, Inspection Reports, Post Commission services, Annual Service Contracts are all integral part of risk mitigation. Any deviation may result in high liability. METS is a comprehensive and productive application to build and maintain Fire safety projects.

    Interior Projects

    The success of an Interior projects relies on extensive Control & monitoring of material in addition to a well-documented Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) & Bill of Quantities (BoQ). Radical and frequent changes to BoQ is natural. Delayed Collaborations ends up expensive. Rapid and Modular mode of estimations plays a major role in decision making. METS Rapid Build BoQ, BoQ Templates, Change Control Management and seamless integration and collaborations and many more is the solution for all your concerns.

    Industrial Infra Projects

    Infrastructure Projects, one can say it is mother of all verticals it has HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire & Safety, Drainage and more. Very careful and planned Work Breakdown Structure is very vital. Normally BoQ runs into thousands of items and on top execution relies on Sub-Contracting of Works. Any changes need to be collaborated among the team instantaneously. An ERP for Project Estimation and Material Tracking which requires Skilled IT resources end up with high cost of ownership. METS is the ERP designed specifically to address all scenarios with simplified yet robust approach, will ensure that the “Cost Of Ownership” is negligible.

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